AIYA – Australian Indigenous Youth Academy

AIYA is a not for profit organisation which exists to inspire future generations of Indigenous Australians to achieve better educational outcomes through school-based traineeships and healthy lifestyle initiatives.

AIYA believes that by educating our Indigenous youth while they are still at school we can equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to not only graduate high school at the same time as their peers, but will see them become positive role models and future leaders within their own communities. Higher educational achievements will also allow them make more informed choices about the benefits of further education, employment and leading a healthy lifestyle.

As an organisation AIYA has high ambitions and we encourage all of our trainees to have high ambitions for themselves. By providing our Indigenous youth with hope for their future, we can then be true advocates for change as we strive to ‘Close the Gap’ between Indigenous & non-Indigenous Australians. Through the provision of our traineeship program AIYA is in a prime position to help develop a generation of change.

AIYA will work with you to deliver:

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